Do I have elemental (faery) helpers in my life?

Is there one (or more) in my __________ car?

__________ home?

__________ workplace?

__________ garden?

__________ computer? Would he or she like to communicate with me?

Can we do this through dowsing?

Would a pendulum work better than dowsing rods?

Would dowsing rods work better than a pendulum?

Does he or she have a name they can tell me now?

Does he or she have any assistants? How many? One?

More than one? More than two?

Would they like me to do anything to make their work easier?

Talk to them?

Tell them what I expect them to do?

Describe what something is supposed to do (how it functions)?

Rearrange something?

Do they communicate with angels?

Have they visited their king (Pan)?

Can they take care of ____________________ ?

Is he or she happy with how I have kept the ________________?

Paul & Bonnie Bohde


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